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Services Provided | Litigation Support

Service Offerings:

  • Arbitrator of business disputes;
  • Damage assessment:
    • Business interruption;
    • Contract disputes;
    • Construction claims;
    • Purchase price disputes;
    • Shareholder disputes.
  • Discovery assistance:
    • Preparation of interrogatories;
    • Preparation of deposition questions.
  • Expert reports and testimony;
  • Forensic and fraud investigations

Selected Engagements:

Functioned as a financial expert in various bankruptcy legal proceedings, including:

  • Testified as an expert witness in Bankruptcy Court in connection with a post confirmation claim made by a metals–industry retiree group reducing cash payments due to retiree group by approximately $5 million;
  • Prepared an expert report in connection with an adversarial proceeding regarding alleged fraudulent transfers made by the owners of a metals company;
  • Testified as an expert in Bankruptcy Court in support of a tool manufacturer’s financial and operational practices, thereby avoiding the need for a Court appointed Trustee;
  • Prepared a solvency analysis, provided related deposition testimony, and assisted in preparation of deposition question and interrogatories for counsel, for a bankrupt estate that resulted in the former owners repaying approximately $0.7 million to the bankruptcy Trustee for distribution to creditors.

Prepared an expert report on the condition of the metals industry. Testified as an expert witness in support of a professional services firm, which provided services to a metals industry company, to minimize damages alleged by a buyer resulting from the alleged negligence of the professional services firm. Although the professional services firm was found negligent in its actions, our testimony and report, in part, helped to support the Court’s ruling that the buyer incurred no damages as a result of their negligence.

Prepared an expert report (with related supporting analyses), and provided related deposition testimony, in connection with damages related to the breach of a supply contract that a producer of coke had entered into with a steel producer. The matter was settled prior to trial with financial reimbursement that was satisfactory to our client and consistent with our expert opinion.

Analyzed a complicated stock purchase agreement and issued an expert report on the value of its “put” arrangements; provided (using one of our strategic alliances) an independent valuation of the business consistent with the implied business valuation using our “put” value.

Along with our strategic alliances (technology and business valuation) assisted a plaintiff’s attorney in a civil action to justify a $20.0 million claim resulting from the “breach of representations and warranties” relating to a stock purchase agreement for the acquisition of a technology services company. Three separate expert reports were coordinated and issued; shortly after issuance, the matter was settled out of court in a favorable fashion to our client.