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We founded Pascarella & Wiker, LLP in early 1999 after working for more than 20 years each (over 10 years each as partners) at one of the “Big Four” CPA firms. We have a “hands-on” operating style, believing that involving highly experienced and seasoned professionals in the details of our clients’ businesses is the key to providing the highest quality service.

In creating an organization reflecting our “hands-on,” detailed oriented philosophy, we have demonstrated over the last 10 years that our business model works – experienced professionals focusing on the details, results in minimal wasted effort, higher quality work and very satisfied clients. In turn, these satisfied clients refer work directly to our Firm, precluding the need for costly marketing.

This business model does not lend itself to developing a large organization, which is consistent with our conscious decision to keep our firm small, flexible and focused. As a result, our assignments are carefully planned and tailored to each specific client situation. We will not accept work that is outside of our skill set and will attempt to provide referral alternatives in those cases where we determine we do not have the skills or experience necessary to deliver a high quality result. When we accept an assignment, our clients can be highly confident that we will fulfill every commitment outlined in our engagement letter. Interesting assignments with top grade clients is our goal.

Likewise, we have been very selective with hiring our professional staff. Consultants who work with us are highly seasoned professionals, generally with backgrounds and experiences from both public accounting and industry. In addition, we are familiar with their work and attention to detail and quality, and therefore we know, as a fact, that they embrace our client service philosophy.

We have kept infrastructure costs to a minimum by functioning as a truly virtual organization. Since we immerse ourselves in the details of our projects at the client’s location, we have no need for office space or administrative staff, which in turn allows for a fee structure that is very attractive to our clients and highly competitive when compared to other professionals with our background and level of experience. A small group of highly experienced professionals serve as the “core” on all of our engagements. Should it be required by the assignment, we can draw upon our strategic alliances with other reputable firms that share our same client service philosophy to create “the right team.” Strategic alliances have been developed with firms/individuals highly experienced in business valuations, tax consulting, information technology and human resource issues. These teams have a proven track record of efficiently coming together, working seamlessly on an assignment, and then quickly disbanding when the project is completed.

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